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Rehab treatment programs in North Bergen provide the best chance of making a successful recovery from addiction. Yet many people avoid seeking help from drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs, believing they can go "cold turkey" at home. They seem to think they can get through a few days of detox and then somehow be miraculously cured of their addiction.

In reality, detox does nothing to treat the psychological triggers behind addictive substance use. Detox simply breaks the body's physical dependency on drugs or alcohol.

In order to break the cycle of addiction it's important to also address the psychological reasons behind self-destructive behaviors and dysfunctional attitudes associated with addiction. Rehab treatment programs for addiction provide specialized therapy and counseling for recovering addicts.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapy is a process that combines a range of therapies to address self-destructive behaviors associated with substance abuse. Drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs begin with the process of drug detox in North Bergen to rid the body of any lingering effects of the substance being taken.

While detox helps to break the body's physical dependency on the substance, it won't do anything to address the psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors. In order to correct dysfunctional attitudes and self-destructive patterns of behavior, cognitive behavioral therapy works to identify the unique triggers behind each person's addiction.

When addiction triggers are identified, addiction specialists are able to tailor the right combination of treatments and therapies to teach the recovering person healthy ways to cope with life's stresses without the need for drugs or alcohol.

A crucial component in rehab treatment programs in North Bergen is customizing a strong relapse prevention strategy that helps the patient recognize early warning signs of relapse. When warning signs are identified, the person can implement new coping skills and recovery tools which we teach in our program for relapse prevention in North Bergen to avoid returning to a pattern of addictive substance use. The result is an increased chance of the person staying clean and sober even after leaving rehab treatments.

Models of Treatment

Rehab treatment programs for addiction use a range of therapy modules to achieve the desired results, including:

Behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy is a specific type of counseling that helps identify the person's personal addiction triggers. Therapy then begins to work on introducing healthy coping skills and management tools that correct self-destructive behaviors.

Motivational interviewing: Motivational interviewing is a type of counseling that aims to discover the patient's individual desire to change behaviors. Sessions focus on goal-oriented motivations that encourage each patient to explore their reasons for wanting to change. Counseling then works on introducing positive ways for the patient to achieve those goals through healthy methods.

Motivational incentives: Motivational incentives are sometimes called contingency management therapy. The treatment is a specific type of behavioral therapy that introduces rewards for the patient maintaining desired behaviors. For example, a patient may be rewarded for clean drug tests or maintaining sobriety. By comparison, if a patient doesn't display desired behaviors certain privileges may be denied. The result is that many patients learn to modify impulsive behaviors in favor of more rewarding alternatives.

Alternative therapies: A major component of the addiction recovery process is learning healthy ways to cope with the stress associated with maintaining sobriety after struggling with addiction. Alternative therapies provide natural ways to control stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression that can accompany the addiction recovery process.

Common alternative therapies that may be introduced include yoga, meditation, exercise, art therapy, equine and animal therapy, or acupuncture.

Why Seek Rehab Treatment Programs in North Bergen?

Rehab treatment programs in North Bergen recognize that treating addiction is never the same for different people. The triggers behind each person's addiction are different, so it's important that drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs are tailored to suit each individual person's needs.

In order to achieve the best results from rehab treatment programs for addiction, therapists and counselors work to create the correct recovery plan. Even after the person graduates from a comprehensive drug rehab treatment program, access to a range of aftercare services is made available to ensure the recovering person always has the tools and support needed to stay clean and sober over the long term.

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